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The Department of Health and Medical Care is responsible for all emergency care, primary care, ambulance services and dental care.

For healtcare advice and for information about the clinics to contact, dial 1177 or visit 1177.se. The number is open twenty-four hours a day.

The website 1177.se provides information about illnesses, care and health. The information has been fact-checked by doctors and other healthcare professionals.

112 - In case of serious injury or illness

If you fall seriously ill, or if there is an accident - call SOS Alarm, phone number 112, and tell them what has happened. The SOS operator will alert the services that you need.

The Department of Health and Medical Care

The department has about 1,500 employees. Practically all specialities can be found in the administration, such as medicine, surgery, infections, eyes, ears, paediatrics, maternity, gynaecology, orthopaedics, intensive care, psychiatry, rehabilitation, dental care and primary care.

There is a cooperation agreement with Karolinska University Hospital concerning a number of areas, including care development, competence development and highly specialised care.

Gotland has one of Europe’s most modern hospitals, located on the coast. It combines the advantages of a cottage hospital with the versatility of a central hospital.

The National Dental Service has locations all over Gotland, offering dental care on equal terms for the entire population of the island.

Primary care encompasses emergency care, scheduled doctor’s and district nurse’s appointments, home visits, occupational therapy, outpatient rehabilitation, home nursing, physiotherapy and telephone consultations.

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Sjukvårdsrådgivning 1177
Sjukvårdsrådgivning på telefon har öppet dygnet runt.

Chat: Du kan också chatta med sjukvårdsrådgivningen via 1177 direkt Gotland, Helgfria vardagar klockan 08.00–16.00. Bank-id krävs.

E-tjänster: Inloggning - 1177.se kan du logga in för att nå mottagningarnas e-tjänster.

Kontaktuppgifter:Hitta vård - 1177.se finns kontaktuppgifter och öppettider till mottagningar på Gotland.

Kontakta Region Gotland

Vi svarar på frågor om vår service och verksamheter, hör av dig till oss på telefon eller e-post.

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