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Information about Covid-19 in other languages

On this page you will find links to information from Swedish authorities about the covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to combat it.

Current Rules and Recommendations

The complete list of all the Swedish current rules and recommendations:

Vaccination against covid-19

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that spreads easily. Vaccination is the most effective way of avoiding serious illness or death due to the disease. The Public Health Agency of Sweden, Folkhälsomyndigheten, offers translations about vaccination in various languages (Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinja and more):

Travel restrictions

As of 1 April 2022, there is no longer an entry ban to Sweden. Travel restrictions may however apply in other countries.

Follow information about your destination at the Swedish embassy's web site have gathered the authorities' information about travel to Sweden: International travel restrictions -

The Covid Certificate

Covid certificates are issued until 30 June 2023

Download your Covid certificate at It is possible to download the certificate seven days after vaccination.

  1. Log on to e-identification at  
  2. Download, print or save your vaccination certificate. When you have downloaded the certificate, it will also be sent to your digital mailbox automatically if you have one.

About the coronavirus/Covid-19 in other languages 

Here you will find information in more languages:

Telephone Services


  • 113 13 for general questions about covid-19

  • 1177 if you or someone else gets ill and you need to talk to a nurse 

  • 112 if a person's life is in danger and you need help straight away

  • 0498-26 36 06 to get in touch with Gotland's Citizens Advice Bureau

  • 0498-26 98 00 to make an appointment for vaccination against covid-19

Citizens Advice Bureau on Gotland

All new arrivals on Gotland with Swedish as a second language are welcome to contact Gotland's Citizens Advice Bureau. They can help you with practical questions about life in the new society. For example help with understanding a letter from an authority or understanding a household bill.

Read more about information and translation in other languages than Swedish