Region Gotland
Visiting address: Visborgsallén 19, Visby
Worldheritagekoordinator Louise Hoffman Borgö
Phone: +46 498 26 97 37
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Region Gotland
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Visborgsallén 19
621 81  Visby
Telefon: 0498-26 90 00
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The Hanseatic town of Visby

”... an extremely distinguished example of a Northern European walled Hanseatic town which has in a unique way preserved its townscape and its highly valuable architecture, the form and function of which clearly express the importance of this human settlement.”

This was the explanation of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee for inscribing the Hanseatic town of Visby on the prestigious World Heritage List in 1995. Few places give such an intense experience of both medieval metropolis and idyllic turn-of-the-century small town as Visby. Within the well-preserved wall, medieval church ruins and storehouses stand side by side with stone and wooden houses from later eras.

What is world heritage? 

A place or an object is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, it is guaranteed protection and care for all time. Today there are just over 890 sites around the world on this list. Of these, 14 are in Sweden.

World heritage exhibition in Visby

Gotlands Fornsal, the Historical Museum of Gotland, has a permanent World Heritage exhibition that is open all year round. The exhibition offers information and pictures of Visby World Heritage Site, plus written material in several languages describing World.