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Boil the water – contaminated drinking water within the Visby water supply area

The municipal drinking water is contaminated by the bacterium Clostridiumin in Visby, Vibble, Västerhejde, Själsö, Brissund, Väskinde, Tofta, Västergarn and Eskelhem. Anyone with municipal drinking water in the area is advised to boil all water before drinking or using it for cooking.
During boil water recommendation any water to be used for cooking, drinking, food preparation, juice and drink mix preparation, making ice, washing fruits and vegetables or brushing teeth should be boiled. Water will need to be brought to a rolling boil in a heat-resistant container. Once boiled the water should be left to cool in a safe place, away from children and pets, and then poured into clean covered containers. 

Cleaning of the water supply system – starting December 1  

We are cleaning the pipes in the water supply system, starting on December 1. It will be done in stages and may take up to several weeks.
The recommendation to boil all drinking water will remain until the cleaning of the water supply system is completed and the water samples show that the bacterium is no longer present in the water supply system.

Cleaning the water system may cause discoloration of the water in your home – here is what you can do

  • When the water supply system is cleaned and the water pressure changes, deposits may loosen and appear in the water. It is safe to use the water. What you can do is open the tap and flush thoroughly until the water runs clear again. You are advised to continue boiling all water before drinking or using it for cooking. 
  • You may also notice water flowing from water hydrants onto the ground as well as streets. This may contribute to icing. Walk, cycle, and drive carefully when you see water flowing or icing on the ground. 

More information on boiling recommendations

More information and frequently asked questions in Swedish can be found at 

For boiling recommendations in different languages, see The Swedish Food Agency. These documents are listed as "faktablad kokning av dricksvatten" at the bottom of their webpage. 

For boiling recommendations in different languages, see listed documents at The Swedish Food Agency